What is the importance of learning the Quran for kids?

What is the importance of learning the Quran for kids? We all agree that our kids are the most important thing in our life. Our entire lives revolve around our children. We take care of everything for them. We work hard to provide them with food, a comfortable place to live, and the greatest education possible that will benefit them in their future careers.

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Islamic education is one of the best types of education we can provide to our children as Muslim parents. We should educate our kids Quran and Sunnah, as well as how to worship Allah without coercion or force.

I am a strong believer that rather than forcing our children to study anything against their choice, we should guide them in such a way that they grow up learning Quran.

We cannot love something we are afraid of. Never teach a child that if they do not learn Quran and pray, they will go to hell. That is just incorrect. Instead, discuss the benefits of reading and learning Quran with your kids.

Benefits of Learning Quran for Kids

The religious, spiritual, and worldly benefits of the Quran for children are limitless. However, we’ll list a few to emphasize the importance of teaching the Quran to our children:

  • Increase Islamic knowledge

When children start learning Quran and Islam at a young age, their knowledge will endure a lifetime and grow with time because this is when their memory is strong and their minds are pure. As a result, early Quran teaching for children means that they will grow into better Muslims.

  • A clearer picture of Islam

This is arguably the most significant advantage of learning Quran for kids. The holy Quran is Allah’s word as well as Islam’s miracle. As a result, it is the most reliable source of Islamic education. Reading the Quran can help children better know what Islam is, how it guides people, and how to be a true Muslim.

  • Peace of mind and soul

Children who begin learning Quran at a young age are more likely to be influenced by its spiritual benefits, and they will be able to experience the calm and serenity that recitation of the Quran provides to their minds and souls. The parents should recognize that if their children develop the habit of reading and reciting the Quran, they would undoubtedly turn to the Quran for guidance, comfort, calm, and peace.

  • Strengthening the relationship of children with their parents

When parents teach their children the Quran and monitor the learning process themselves, they boost their chances of bonding with their children in two ways. Firstly, knowing the Quran teaches children the value and respect that Muslims place on their parents. Secondly, children look up to their parents and observe them practicing Islam according to Quranic guidelines.


Five ways to make learning Quran for kids interesting and enjoyable  

Reading Quran should be enjoyable and satisfying for your kids, as it will have a great impact on the relationship of children’s life with Allah’s Book. Therefore, dedicating some of the children’s time to Quran learning is undoubtedly a valuable investment of their time. To get you started, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Embrace Failure Rather Than Fear:

Learning Quran for kids is a pleasant target, but it may be difficult at times, especially in the early sessions, and your child may become discouraged and frustrated by their slow progress. However, it is critical to avoid a failure caused by society. Making mistakes is an important aspect of this journey since research reveals that in order to really absorb information, mistakes must be made. It is critical that children make these errors in order to learn how to self-correct.

  1. Show the word they just read

Covering a word in the Qaida and then searching for that same word in the Quran is a fantastic approach to boost your child’s confidence. Making them read this will increase their ability to pronounce words independently, as many Qaida books employ actual Quranic terms as examples. It will also be very beneficial.

  1. Make it a Meaningful Experience.

Keep in mind that this is a fantastic opportunity to teach other vital skills. Remember to detour into the meaning of words so that they learn Quran more than just a surface comprehension, as the Quran contains numerous abstract phrases that children may feel are irrelevant to them.

  1. Use your imagination when it comes to teaching.

Despite the fact that improving reading skills is the most important goal, try to be unique in your delivery and approach. Look for Arabic alphabet songs on YouTube and handwriting books, and help children in becoming familiar with letters using many different ways.

  1. Add a Timer

For a competitive element, and an exciting way to improve fluency, add a timer while kids are reading Quran or spelling aloud. You will find that their progress is accelerated and the lesson is much more fun.

  1. Find a tutor who is clever in teaching children

Fajr Al-Quran Academy has special and interesting courses for kids that include enjoyable activities and games. The courses are led by teachers highly trained to make kids retain information and stay engaged all the time. .

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