Fajr Al-Quran Academy

Fajr Al-Quran Academy is an online Arab Egyptian academy that teaches Quran, Islamic studies, and Arabic language for all ages and all levels. Our tutors are highly qualified Egyptian Azhary teachers.

Fajr Al-Quran

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 Why choose us 

- We create a professional learning environment and make the learning process interesting and enjoyable so that students can enjoy the classes and bring the best benefits possible.

- We design a study plan for every student according to his needs and abilities.

- We have expert male and female teachers who graduated from Al-Azhar University. They are fluent in both Arabic and English and Hafiz of the Holy Quran and the majority of them hold an Ijaza.

- Our schedules are flexible as we deliver 24/7 classes so that you can choose the times and duration of the classes that suit your personal schedule.

- You can ask for vacations at any time you choose and restart the classes whenever you desire.

- We can refund you at any time if you want to stop the classes.

- We monitor students’ progress through several procedures such as regular examinations, regular teaching training and measuring attendance discipline.

- We grant free certificates for students who finish certain levels in all progammes.