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Fajr Al-Quran Academy is an online Arab Egyptian academy that teaches Quran, Islamic studies, and Arabic language for all ages and all levels. Our tutors are highly qualified Egyptian Azhary teachers.

Fajr Al-Quran

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 Terms and Conditions 

Free Trial Class

This class is 100% free without any conditions attached. The student may continue or discontinue the service after the trial class according to his view about the class.

Payment Policy

Payment is due immediately at the beginning of every month. If the student did not pay his due payment before the 7th of the new month, the classes will be suspended permanently until payment is received. If a student is not able to make payment on time, he should immediately email us at: support@fajralquran.com

Refund Policy

The student may at any time during the month request to stop classes and the academy shall refund him with the fees of the classes that have not been given.

Attendance Policy

Teachers and students should be in the classroom at least 2 minutes before the time of the class.

If a teacher or a student is late for an emergency, the teacher shall make up for the missed minutes.

If a teacher or a student desires to cancel or change the time of a class, he shall notify the other party at least 5 hours before the class by contacting him or sending an email to: support@fajralquran.com

If a student is absent at any class without prior excuse or an emergency, the teacher may leave the classroom at half-time, and he will not have to arrange a make-up class.

If a teacher is absent at any class without prior excuse or an emergency, he shall arrange for a make-up class, and a small amount determined by the management may be deducted from his salary.

Quality Control

Some classes may be attended by members of the quality control department and other classes may be recorded for the purpose of assessing and improving teachers’ performance and quality.

Various procedures are made to monitor the learning process such as regular teacher training, regular examinations and student feedback.

Male And Female Students Over 13 Years Old

Male students over 13 years old shall have male teachers and female students over 13 years old shall have female teachers. Students under 13 years old may have male or female teachers according to the parents’ request.

Public Holidays

We as Muslims have two Eids; Eid Al-adha and Eid Al-Fitr. Accordingly, we have two main public holidays; Eid Al-Adha that lasts for 4 days and Eid Al-Fitr that lasts for 3 days. Teachers shall reschedule missed classes in the previous holidays.

Privacy Policy

Fajr Al-Quran Academy aims to keep the privacy of teachers and students. All personal information is deemed secret information that no one has the right to know, copy or use under any circumstances.