The basics of memorizing the Quran for children


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The Basics of Memorizing the Quran for Children. Memorizing and memorizing the Holy Quran in and of itself is considered a high honor and it is one of the very important and necessary matters for Muslims around the world, as the Holy Quran is the holy book of Muslims, and it is the book of the great words of God. For the classical Arabic language, and from this point of view, we must teach our children the words of God so that they can memorize them in their hearts, as it is all the best for them.

Memorize Quran for kids

First: memorization, understanding, or both?

This question is always repeated. Which is more important, memorization or understanding? Should I use my child’s time to make him memorize more of the Quran, or to explain the verses to him, even though that will slow down his memorization?

We see the childhood period as an irreplaceable opportunity to memorize the Book of God Almighty elaborately and unforgettably. It is impossible to see an adult human being who has the same ability to memorize as a child. That is why it was said that knowledge in childhood is like engraving on a stone.
The child has free time and mind, which helps a lot, and we should take advantage of that before he grows up and his preoccupations abound.
It is well known that a large number of sins and disobedience lead to the difficulty of memorizing the Noble Qur’an. As al-Shafi’i says: I complained to a wizard about my poor memory, and he guided me to abandoning sins. And he told me that knowledge is light, and the light of God does not guide the sinner. As for the child, it is a blank page with no sins written for him and there is nothing that hinders his memorization of the Book of God.
Understanding the Noble Qur’an is a lifetime project.. the authors wrote about it over time..and we can’t know about it, even if we lived through ages, not just one.
There are many verses of the Noble Qur’an whose meanings are difficult for the child, especially those who begin to memorize them at an early age.

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Second: What is the best way for my child to memorize the Noble Qur’an?

It depends on your knowledge of your child because you are the ablest to know what he likes and how to take from him what you want easily.. and what I will mention are just ideas that I applied and you can quote from them and I am happy to add you to them in the comments:

At a young age (younger than reading age):

What is mainly supported is indoctrination…whether the teleprompter is the teacher, the mother, the recording, or an application on the mobile… The important thing is that the indoctrination takes place in an atmosphere of concentration so that the reading to the child arrives correctly with a completely clear pronunciation and an appropriate speed so that he can repeat it behind you in the same way.

Teaching and memorizing the Qur’an without tajweed is prohibited. Rather, it is one of the most common mistakes when memorizing because it causes the child to establish errors that are very difficult to remove later.. tajweed is never difficult for the child, at this age he will acquire it by listening without knowing what the rulings are…and Contrary to what some think, recitation with intonation and chanting is very fun for children.

At this age, we rely on a very short memorization time because the child loses his focus quickly… A period of 10 continuous minutes may be the most possible, according to the child. And when we feel bored and lose focus, we stop or take a break.

At the oldest age, starting from the reading age:

A child at this age can memorize on his own if the amount is read to him correctly once and then repeated. He can hear how much he memorized once and then ask him to repeat the recitation once, a correct recitation, then memorize on his own by looking at the Qur’an and repeating to you by heart what he has memorized… with attention By setting an appropriate amount for his energy and gradually increasing the amount of memorization as he rises in his abilities..with attention to cumulative memorization, i.e. memorizing half a page, for example, and repeating it on the next day with the addition of some verses to it..a day a week is allotted to review the memorization of the entire week.

Third: Auxiliary means, tools, and publications for follow-up and encouragement:

Memorizing the Qur’an is not optional.. Rather, the child must understand that it is a matter that there is no compromise in it. So where is the flexibility? In determining the time..and the amount sometimes..the method of memorization and endearment..the rewards..As for the decision to memorize and recite the Qur’an, it is something that I do not give up.. if you feel commitment and seriousness in that, so that it has become a habit and a family law, you will not face a problem, God willing. Just treat the matter as prayer.. a constant reminder and advice and a meeting to memorize and study without nervousness or compulsion.. Rather, an agreement. You can tell him that you like to memorize now or after playing for half an hour, for example.
Your child also needs an example that he sees in front of him when you persist in your reply and make him feel its importance and ask him to listen to you what you memorize.


Repeating the amount of memorization when praying aloud with the child in the congregation. This is one of the most beautiful ways because it will be imprinted in your child’s memory with your voice and he will never forget it.
Outside the memorization times, the Noble Qur’an is like a fruit in our assembly. We enjoy its sweet taste without the pressure and burden of memorizing. Once we think of a verse or quote it in a specific situation. And once we recite a new section that children never know as if we are discovering it… And once we open the Qur’an properly. Randomly, let us choose a verse that will be a message to us in our day and apply it… Thus, we make the child feel the importance of this book, which is a way of life.
Supplication is our refuge for God to open the chest of the child to recite his book and memorize it.

The most important basics in the process of memorizing in children are three points:

1- Stimulating all of your child’s senses and arousing his attention:

Every mother knows her child well and his tendencies…Does he like to hear tones and sounds? Do the colors attract him? Does he enjoy playing with putty more or just watching you help him? .. Your understanding of your child and what he loves is the first step … His five senses are the only channels for entering the noble verses into his memory and his heart … using a method that is inappropriate with him and that he does not pay attention to will hinder the process of memorization and make it undesirable for him …

It is like attending a car mechanics lesson Crochet allowance!! Know what your child’s style and preferences are, and record them with you. In the following topics, we will present methods that you use with each child according to his style and interest. For the teachers in the Quran classes online for kids, the means should be changed every time until the information reaches

For all children of different styles and diversity, note that the more a channel of senses increases to reach the information, the more firmly it becomes established, God willing.

2- Repetition and then repetition, but without getting bored:

Does it seem like a difficult equation?

According to the child’s psychology, the information needs at least three times repetition to enter the child’s permanent memory… and repetition is by different means for the same information.
According to the child’s psychology, the information needs at least three times repetition to enter the child’s permanent memory… and repetition is by different means for the same information.
And here is the complaint that we always hear: (My child is bored and does not want to complete memorization today).
OK! Together, we will overcome this problem by offering fun games through which to memorize … and worksheets that prove what is memorized.

3- Establishing and defining a system and methodology for work:

The child should know that he is now in a session to memorize the Book of God..and that he will be rewarded for what he accomplishes and will have a good time..knowledge of this will make his acceptance of memorization easy..there are countless and countless types of reward..and note that your child’s view of the type of reward is different from what you think Did it happen that you bought your child an expensive gift and you found him crying because his brother got a balloon and he didn’t? He never cares about his game!

Did your child at school get a certificate of appreciation and return crying because he did not put a crown on his head? The child’s concept of reward is different from our understanding… And the smart educator watches his child and understands what his favorites are… A picture on his hand… Combine and play… A bedtime story… A trip alone… A visit to his grandfather’s house… Make these favorites reward for his achievement in memorization and always remind him of them.

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