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how do i learn the arabic language

Dear reader, you may not be proficient in the Arabic language, but it is not difficult for you to master and master it. But you – first and rightly – need more confidence in your enormous abilities, and now let’s learn how do i learn the arabic language.

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Brother, let’s start our journey from the beginning, and you are the leader:

Our clear goal: is to master the classical Arabic language – verbally and in writing – to read the Noble Qur’an and scientific books in a correct manner, right?

Here we will not deny the existence of some difficulties that will confront us; Such as: the apathy of this goal after a while, and perhaps the lack of interest, and the lack of desire to read some purely scientific books, and in this case we can only be constantly remembering our goal, committed to it, and doing what we must do towards achieving it, and this is all other than whether the People are slow to learn in the first place, and this is what I exclude from you, thank God.

The easiest way is to contact us to help you learn the Arabic language with ease through correct practical methods.


how do i learn the arabic language

In order to succeed in achieving our goal on our own, we must take practical steps, which we immediately start by preparing to read some easy theoretical books on the rules of spelling and punctuation, including the book “Dictation and Punctuation” by Professor Abdel Alim Ibrahim, and the book “Dictation” by Sheikh Abdul Salam Haroun.

After that we try to read something about the art of parsing or grammar, and it often has the art of morphology that is concerned with making or formulating words, and it may be useful to us at this stage, the book “Summary of Arabic Grammar” by Professor Fouad Nehmeh, which is a very, very easy and affordable book. On the Internet, we can benefit from the book “Al-Nahwa Al-Musafa” by our professor, Dr. Muhammad Eid – may God have mercy on him.

And do not forget to dive into the sea of ​​rhetoric a little with the book “The Clear Eloquence” by the two professors: Ali Al-Jarem and Mustafa Amin, which – thank God – is also available on the Internet.

Then we take a step in which we try to listen to some useful lectures, sermons and lessons, in the correct classical Arabic, and choose some targeted channels that speak the correct classical Arabic as well, and it would be better if we could imitate this language with those close to us, or even with our friends, and perhaps I resorted – in my house Sometimes – to standing in front of the mirror, and imagining myself as a broadcaster or a lecturer, speaking in front of my audience in some way that I wanted to reach, and this method was very effective for me, perhaps it will be useful to you as well.

As for sermons, lectures and lessons, they are also scattered on the Internet, and we can download them easily, and our site – praise be to God – has a collection of the best lectures in classical Arabic in different arts, even in (Alukah audio) some of the specialized audio lectures in Arabic grammar We can use it on our “journey”.

My words do not mean, from near or far, that these stages that I mentioned are separate from each other; Rather, we can read, listen and imitate at the same time, and this is one of God’s blessings upon us, isn’t it?

However, I want you – my knight brother – to always know that language is not only books that we read and try to apply, language – with this – is practice and understanding, and more than that, it is a feeling and feeling, and this is not my words; Rather, it is the words of our professors in linguistics and education; Therefore, if we want to learn the Arabic language well and master it as well, we must try to experience its culture and the life of its people, with their hopes and pains, even if only a little.

And with all this we try to make it the language of our thinking – even a little bit – and you have tried this for yourself while learning American English.

Believe me – my dear brother -: alienation would not prevent any of us from communicating with his strong roots, from which his lush tree grew, and which could one day become an oasis for the sari in the scorching desert of material life.

We hope that we have charted a path along which we walked with the blessing of God; to achieve a close goal.

And now I leave you to tell us with Fouad Al-Faris and the tongue of the fluent Arabic speaker: How was your trip enjoyable? with how do i learn the arabic language

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